Cannot connect to internet after updating to internet explorer 7 sap expired useful life not updating

Microsoft attributes the problem to VPN connections present on the computer that was upgraded to Windows 10.

In other words, if the computer had an active VPN software during the upgrade, the computer may fail to find Wi-Fi, as the VPN software might cause problems. Certain hardware is not compatible with Windows 10, and it might be the cause of the problem where you cannot connect to the Internet after upgrading to Windows 10.

If there is an Internet connection, do not proceed with further steps.

To troubleshoot your network and Internet connection: Note: If you have upgraded from Windows XP to Windows 7, see Upgrading a VMware Fusion virtual machine from Windows XP to Windows 7 (1015396) and perform steps 13 through 24.

Not sure why, but this is a VERY long way of fixing this issue… It will delete all your saved passwords from other websites you have saved before on IE7, but it will definitely help you add the one you made the mistake on. A third party software other than autocomplete perhaps? I tried a few things and after a while I thought maybe ebay just simply doesnt let you save passwords.

if you accidentally click NO and want IE to start prompting you again to save passwords, this is how it's done: In IE click on Tools Internet Options and click on the Content tab. Today, went to log in under my mother's Ebay to pay for something she'd bid on and it allowed me to save her password. Some of the other commenters must be confused about what this article is for, or are not following the directions carefully enough. At step 6, it simply does not ask to remember password.

I recently visited a site that required me to logon.

After receiving my account information, I went back to the site and enter my account and password, I was not paying attention and answered no when Internet Explorer asked if I wanted save my password.

Here is how to remove it using Windows Command Prompt: Press Windows Key R to bring up the Run dialog Type CMD in the Run dialog and press Enter In the command prompt Window, type or copy-paste the following command and press Enter: Reboot the computer and see if the Wi Fi is listed in the list of networks that appears when you click on the Network Icon in Windows 10 System Tray Sometimes, a simple power cycle can fix the issue.The cases are reported mostly on wireless connections.Read this post if you face Internet connectivity or access problems on Windows 10.I honestly believe that the “more current” message that you’re seeing is a misnomer. That message appears when the download site has nothing newer than what you have to offer. Now, if that doesn’t solve the problem, go to the Programs in Control Panel and find the Turn Windows features on or off section. There may be some warnings along the way and that’s okay, because we’re going to turn right around and then reinstall it.The wording implies that you have something newer than what they have, but I believe what they really mean is that they don’t have anything newer than what you have – which would be the case if you have the most current version. This time, when you go to the download site, it should allow you to download that most current version of Internet Explorer and install it from scratch.

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