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We hadn't won the election and there was very little money,' before going on to blame the Labour party for the state of the tuition fee system.

Asked what he thought of Jeremy Corbyn, the MP said he seemed like a 'perfectly okay bloke on a personal level' but said he thought his 'left-wing nostalgia' and hopeless attempt to ignore the disaster of Brexit' are 'not right for the country'.

I feel terrible & I've been in tears over not knowing what's wrong with me. I feel embarrassed putting this thread on here, but don't want to go yo my doctor. I have several health issues which requires medicines which have destroyed my libido.

I am seeing my GP next Monday as he says he can give me something to help. They've heard and seen everything and believe or not lack of libido in women is extremely common and extremely treatable.

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It can be hard to meet new people when you are a single parents.

However, you have changes to meet other single woman or men with kids at Playgrounds or kids friendly places.

But today Nick Clegg found himself answering questions on Strictly Come Dancing and playing 'snog, marry, avoid' as he took part in a live web chat with mothers.Just remember that all of us moms are in this together, trying to do the best for our kids...MORE: 13 Signs You've Found Your Mommy Best Friend With that said, here are eight types of mom friends you'll meet after baby.1. She's the has-it-all-together stay-at-home mom who does the happy homemaker thing to the nines.When one asked whether he would ever follow in Ed Balls' footsteps and sign up for Strictly, Mr Clegg said he would not, adding: 'My teenage kids find me embarrassing enough as it is.'Among his most revealing responses was his fantasy dinner party line up, which included Prince, Academy Award-winning actress Cate Blanchett, Nobel Prize-winning author J M Coetzee, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and the late Václav Havel, who served as the Former President of Czechoslovakia.Mr Clegg also answered candidly to a question about how he reacted to President Trump's victory. 'Followed, I must confess, by a sorrowful cigarette.' The former leader of the Liberal Democrats also addressed issues parents had with the party.

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