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During World War II, anthropologist Margaret Mead was working in Britain for the British Ministry of Information and later for the U. Office of War Information, She observed in the flirtations between the American soldiers and British women a pattern of misunderstandings regarding who is supposed to take which initiative.It's an age-old question: You've seen her from across the bar, made eye contact a few times, and now you're asking yourself: How do I make the first move without coming off like a total idiot (or, worse yet, some trashy pickup artist)? If you can make her laugh without coming off as a clown, you’re on the right track to driving her wild in the best of ways. If she comes away thinking this is an interesting, funny guy who’s also interested in her, that’s a win-win.If you want to know how to flirt and you'd like some help getting to know someone, this article gives some general advice.Learning how to impress a girl may seem hard in the beginning, but it really doesn’t have to be.Use the “3 second smile” rule Patti Feinstein, known as America’s Dating Coach, calls this move the “one, two, three smile.” She suggests looking at your guy for three seconds, flashing a sexy smile, and then looking away. Wanis suggests licking your lips subtly while maintaining eye contact. Twirl your hair around your finger This may sound like the oldest trick in the book, but Feinstein and Dr. It’s a classic flirty move and will definitely let the guy know you’re interested in him.

Jena Friedman, writer/stand-up comic: Yes, most women do respond to humor. If you’re gorgeous, you can walk up to us and say pretty much anything short of “Drink this” and we’ll swoon. Women love hearing they look young; plus, that way you can see if she’s an organ donor, and if she is, ask her if she really trusts that if she’s on the operating table someday, a shady surgeon won’t pull the plug just to harvest her organs.

It might seem nerve-wracking to start flirting and put yourself out there, but fear not—it's normal to be nervous around someone you really like, and there are ways to seem confident and pull off a successful flirtation.

Whether you're flirting over text, online, or in-person, it's important to keep a balance between revealing your feelings and keeping the person you like intrigued.

This may sound counterproductive, but if you want to learn how to impress a girl, you need to pretend like she doesn’t impress you in any way.

So, the first step would be to make her feel like she has to qualify herself whenever you are around.

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