Dominant female chats

Welcome to domination phone sex chat from the 121 Girls, where our sisters of no mercy are here to correct your bad behaviour and put you back in line.

These women operate on the understanding that they prefer to be in control.

You have discovered the online dominance and submission community.

Even more importantly for you, you believe you are a submissive and now wish to find a dominant for yourself. *begins laughing herself to tears*) Allow me to share with you what I have learned in four years in the online bdsm chat rooms.

Tragically, a vast number of them will even tell you that they want real life, but have no intention of ever meeting you because they are married, in a long term relationship, or simply not interested in anything more than playing a D/s relationship game online. Great idea, but it won't make you feel any better when you find out the Dom of your dreams actually lives in Estonia with his wife and five children and had no intention whatsoever of actually loving you or meeting you. There is nothing wrong with being new, but you must be aware that you are responsible for your own D/s education.

I've also heard my share of stories about that great "Dom" turning out to be a female. I have yet to meet an obviously new "Dom" who is willing to admit that he knows next to nothing.

i have no limits and much things and fantasies that i can do for u on cam...

On my knees waiting, wondering, nervous, the butterflies in my stomach almost want to make me pass out.

Our dominatrix phone sex sisters will show you the meaning of pain.They like to strap you down hard because they despise you, but secretly they need you for some full-flavoured phone sex chat. They want to punish you for making them feel this way and one sniff of you will turn them into a domination sex demon. Does the idea of being tied up and helpless turn you on? These ladies don’t take kindly to disobedient men during their phone sex domination sessions, so pick up the phone now, bitch!Just like some of our grannies, our sexy ladies come clad in leather and latex, ready to make you submit. We have ladies who are mistresses of the whip and when they hit, they hit hard!i asked my Mistress, "if i got a room in Sioux Falls could we play on Thursday night? There had been a local mugging and the subject of corporal punishment arose, including the pros and cons." (we live 2.5 hours apart, both work long hours and She has a roommate) She said, "yes, bring your *******, toys... Ava, one of the older women quietly smiled and let us into this tale…. My wife decided I need to focus better on being her submissive sissy..............

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