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Other adepts like myself perform white magic sex with mutual love between sexual partners, where both parties are conscious to each others energies, thoughts, love and goals during the sex act.It is with white magic sex that these energies, thoughts, love and goals can be enhanced and improved upon. This can be accomplished in one of three magical methods being that of active white or black magic and inactive neutral magic.In this article, I would like to explain in the most simple way possible the various differences between these three magical rites of sex.

The movie has already garnered attention due to explicit scenes involving Sulli, but it looks like viewers should be prepared for much more.This white magic love creates a dynamic energy duo.A Batman and Robin team of energy that supports one another with each other’s light, truth and unconditional love that lives by what Albert Einstein had once wrote, “Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it.”In black magic, there can be love or no love involved between sexual partners and it does not require one or the other to be conscious of your sexual partner’s true thoughts, loves or goals of the sex act.I am referring to the retractable second set of jaws in the moray eel.How can one imagine such an evolutionary step to have occurred?

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