Sedating kids on planes deborah leng dating

Works like a charm.”I’ll admit that I was initially stunned to see how apparently commonplace the practice is.In fairness, though, my kids have barely ever flown, and when they have, they’ve been reasonably chill.

Down at the other end of the long row of benches, I catch the eye of another parent doing the same thing to her daughter.However, as our trip grew closer, I started to feel nervous. What if the novel situation – being surrounded by strangers on an airplane and being held in our laps (we didn’t purchase her own seat) – was just too much for her?I know that many frown upon the idea of “drugging” kids for smoother travel.It was what was going to save me from a lynching at 37,000 ft.Who would have thought that for many people, this simple decision to sedate my daughter with an antihistamine was a dangerous abuse of my parental power?

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