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help adam to explore the environment and interact with objects in the right order to clear the path for true love.

and helpful links for those who want to develop character with planet-concerned skills.

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- EVEMon - this program is used to manage the count while you're out.

It shows all information you share via API, so it may let you read market transactions, check the state of the skill training or works over the project and even read e-mails. g=posts&t=24359 - EVE Fitting Tool - this program doesn't require API, but it's helpful.

Dating a dictator can be a scary and dangerous endeavor.

But it also offers an opportunity to meet the authoritarian oppressor of your dreams, provided that the proper precautions are taken.

The CFC and Russian coalitions began pouring players into the system in a swift offensive, and N3/PL moved in a large fleet of players as a response as well.

But it isn't recommended activity in HS due to the high taxes, small resources and low profits. wakka=Home Page - one of the most visited websites, because you can find here descriptions of agent missions and those untypical: COSMOS, Epic Arc and others like also Escalation and Incursion.

Programs listed here usually require so called API key. API may be generated on the website of the project to which you can get access via account manager on API Key Management) or by writing 'eve api' in the browser and clicking the link. It's a source of information about your account and don't give it to anyone unknown or not trusted.

What is more, fit may be exported as a XML and then imported to the game and used. g=posts&t=8444 - EVE Refinery - small program which allows you to check if it's more profitable to sell items in the hub or grind them for resources.

Adam and Eve need to hand the success of apple trees.

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